Current Series

He Created Them

The Force

In our series "The Force", we unravel the mystery surrounding what we call "The Holy Spirit". Learn what it means to have God guiding you on a daily basis and his presence in your life!

Step Up

We believe that as Fountain Springs Church, we are called to reach 10% of our region and show them who Jesus is. Will you "Step Up" and join us?


Our mind is telling us things all the time and quite often, they are not very positive. How do we deal with voices of Fear, Shame, Worry and more?


Certain thoughts, value and habits are going to trend in our lives - either intentionally or unintentionally. What's trending in yours?


Love week is our intently focused time as a Church where we give back to the Black Hills Region. Hear about why we do it and why it matters.

Say Something

Talking to God is not something that comes natural to most of us. So what is this thing called "Prayer" all about?



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