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2nd Saturday Serves

The heart of Saturday Serve is to create a great first step for anyone looking to connect with other Fountain Springers and step into serving our community! Every Second Saturday we get together to meet tangible needs throughout our region. No long-term commitment is necessary and all are welcome, with opportunities from kid-friendly to construction, where we work to take care of all of the supplies for projects (care packs for teachers, wheelchair ramps for elderly neighbors, and more)!

Celebrate Recovery

This item is one of those “obstacles and opportunities” we see in our near future. Our local work consistently has us inviting people we are serving to attend our Celebrate Recovery (CR), but the number one reason parents with children are unable to go is due to childcare, and God has laid it on our hearts that we need to help. Along with this, CR needs more resources and support in able to address the growing mental health needs in our community.

Foster Care Supply Closet

You have the opportunity to serve and support foster families, kinship families, and families of origin all over the region with essential goods and support. The hope for this area is to cover necessities that are not covered through quarterly supply drives and necessary materials.

Kids in Crisis

This allows us to serve and support foster families, kinship families, and families of origin in other ways, as well as plan and execute up to four special events each year for the families we serve and the foster care community at large. Additionally, we would utilize these funds for special community training events and speakers. 

Love Your Neighbor Week

Help us create the optimal serving experience for volunteers and community members alike. Taking feedback from our staff team and volunteers from 2021 we want to pour more into LYN in 2021. We want to pour more into our volunteers and our projects in order to be able to do more than ever before in our community.

Mission Trip Support

Mission trips have been an important part of our history at FSC and we have sent teams across the world. We want to continue to send Fountain Springer and especially students to places in need. These are life-changing experiences and pivotal moments of Christian growth.

Outreach Staffing

We need to continue to create depth in our team, both numerically and spiritually. Team training, deployment supplies, promotional needs, and volunteer gifts will be the primary goal. 




Safe and Healthy Kids

Abbott House

Abbott House is an incredible, successful, and trusted organization serving children in need all over our state. This direct donation partnership will go towards their efforts in serving children and families.

SD Kids Belong

SD Kids Belong is an anchor organization in our state for sharing information about foster care and mobilizing people and resources to step into the work of supporting children and families in foster care. We want to support and bless an organization that has been an enormous partner and ally in the good work of helping children and families find safety, healing, and restoration.

Naomi House

The goal here is to serve and support a successful organization just beginning its operation on Pine Ridge Reservation. They are serving children and families who are in dire need while keeping them near essential family and connected to what is familiar. Naomi House has a very successful strategy and operates an identical model on the Navajo Reservation. We are so excited about what God has in store for this incredible, successful organization and the good work it does to help children heal and thrive.

Love Inc

Love Inc has been a partner of Fountain Springs Church for many years and is on the front lines of mobilizing the local faith community in SEEING and SERVING our neighbors. This incredible organization hosts our Foster Care Supply Closet and leads classes and initiatives that directly impact our foster and kinship families and thousands of other people in our region through budgeting, parenting, and faith classes as well as a host of other special events and ministries to serve and empower and care for our neighbors.

Basic Needs

Cornerstone Rescue Mission

Our primary shelter in the region needs help. You can help support their work in helping individuals and families be safe, fed, and supported as they navigate their crisis. This financial partnership supports the work of Cornerstone’s four entities and enables them to continue and grow the hard and important work of sheltering our unhoused neighbors.

Fork Real Cafe

Through Fork Real Café partnership we support a thriving organization serving anyone and everyone in the community. They are bearing a great deal of fruit in helping to serve and train people experiencing crisis and poverty as well as doing an equally successful job at empowering community members to get involved in these great efforts. Their efforts also include helping individuals learn skills that can be transferred to job opportunities and ongoing employment in the community - they are actively serving people from all walks of life and experiences and helping to make everyone better and stronger, together. As a true partner, Fork Real has provided a number of serving opportunities and hosted a number of events for our Compassion efforts.

SHIFT Garage

SHIFT GARAGE is a local partner on the front lines of serving individuals and families with transportation needs. One of the greatest barriers to employment, school attendance and overall health and well-being are directly related to reliable transportation, and SHIFT is working hard to provide a way to help anyone and everyone get to where they need to go. Additionally, SHIFT GARAGE hosts two nights of Fountain Springs Church serving groups and ongoing educational opportunities to help people not just HAVE reliable transportation, but learn life skills to SUSTAIN reliable transportation.

Illuminations: End Bible Poverty

This initiative is at the heart and soul of who we are and what we believe: that anyone and everyone matters. There should not be a person on this planet that does not have access to the Word of God, especially those in places that are unreachable or difficult to reach.

Global Partners: Missionaries in the Middle East

There are people going to an area that is 99.9% Muslim and unreached people group, something none of us will likely ever get to do – go and live and work and reach people who do not know who Jesus is. Global Partners is the Missions arm of the Wesleyan Church and there are missionaries from South Dakota who we want to help send!

Immediate Needs Partner

Convoy of Hope has a wide network of volunteers and partners helping us make the world a better place. Whether it’s feeding children, empowering women, training farmers, responding to disasters, or serving a community in need, the goal is to bring help and hope where they are needed most. We have the privilege of partnering with an organization with a national and global reach, which is providing big-picture and tangible needs to people all over the world WHILE ALSO sharing Jesus.

Rooted Partner: Enable the Children (Sierra Leone)

ETC is a team of local and expatriate staff who have provided Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy, care, and support services to over 1,000 children living with disabilities in Freetown, Sierra Leone. More than half of the children enrolled in ETC suffer from cerebral palsy; others cope with acquired brain injury, muscular dystrophy, orthopedic challenges, and many more.



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