This Christmas we did something BIG. We came together as a church and sacrificed because we felt a call from God. We believe God is calling us to expand our digital mission and media to reach further with the love and hope of Jesus!

Check out the most recent update from Pastor David below:

 A Christmas Letter from Pastor David:

Let’s just cut to the chase… 2020… you have an opinion about it. Whatever your opinion is of 2020, you need to know God did something that affected you. Even more, I will say God has an invitation for you.

During this pandemic, we chose not to close Fountain Springs Church. We pivoted. I believe our commitment to not stop sharing the Gospel is something God used. It is imperative we continue to show people who Jesus is during this time of uncertainty.

Every Christmas season, the people of Fountain Springs Church bring a special financial gift to God. Much like the magi in the Christmas story, we bring something extra, above and beyond our normal, for the purpose of glorifying and honoring God. This year’s Christmas offering will go directly to providing the necessary, long-term equipment to reach people all over the globe. We believe that God wants us to shine brighter in 2021. Looking back over this previous year gives us just a glimpse of what God has already done. Let me show you...

You should know: We have “duct taped” our way to this point. Our online approach needs attention if we’re going to reach who God wants us to reach for the long haul. We are building a team and infrastructure to effectively reach and shepherd those we are reaching online across the globe. We believe God is calling us to shine brighter this year and that “us” includes you! Everyone of us has the opportunity to be a light. When we all come together, we can shine brighter as a whole than any individual.

Please consider doing what my family is preparing to do: Give an extra, above and beyond your normal tithe, financial gift to the “Christmas Offering” so we can literally meet people at their phones, TVs, and computers with the life-changing news about Jesus!

Anyone and everyone’s story matters, 


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