Step 1

Whether it’s in person or through video, pick a service time and invite people to your Watch Party! Gather in as close a proximity as you are comfortable and able. This might be a living room, a video chat, a backyard, or a parking lot.

Step 2

Choose how you’re going to watch. Above there is a link to all the ways you can engage a service. The best streaming options are at http://live.fs.church and our YouTube Channel. If it’s easier for you to watch on-demand, you can do that through our AppleTV and Roku Apps.

Step 3

Plan the environment. Depending on how and when you plan to meet, this will be different. If you’re in a home, put some music on, offer some beverages (if you’re comfortable), and plan your seating. If you’re on a video call, try and find a second screen you can use! (A YouTube app, our AppleTV or Roku App on your TV are a great idea). If you’re in a backyard or a driveway, or however you are “meeting” think through how to make it a GREAT experience for people.

Hint: Don’t be afraid to turn up the volume - especially the music. People will be much more inclined to sing if it’s louder.

However you are gathering, be sure you test your technology before people arrive.

If there are kids at your Watch Party, we’ve got you covered! Please see the section below about our services created specifically for your kids' age group. You can watch services right now at kids.fs.church.

Step 4

Make it memorable by posting pics to your social media accounts and by tagging @fscchurch with the hashtag #FSCWatchparty. These photos are conversation starters and can feature anything! Show us the people you watched with, someone new who joined you, or something yummy you shared!

Step 5

If you’re a host, we encourage you to enjoy the service, sing if it's appropriate, comment on the message, and open or close with a prayer. Finally, HAVE FUN!

Step 6

When the service is over, encourage others to get connected; this could include filling out the Online Connect form if they are a First Time Guest or just gave their life to Jesus. If you have questions, please feel free to reach out to someone on our team or one of our connection coaches. We would love to help you! You can email us at .

Step 7

If you are a host, please fill out the Online Watch Party form at the end of each service for your Watch Party.



What are some ways I could host a Watch Party?

Call or text a group of friends and invite them to watch a specific weekly service with you. Decide on which medium you will use to communicate during the service. Some examples are: Zoom, Google Hangouts, Facetime, Facebook Rooms, text messages.
Tip: send a reminder text before the service starts.

Invite friends or neighbors to meet in a public place together like a park, parking lot, a hiking trail. Bring along a phone/tablet or computer where you can either all watch on your own devices or on a shared device.
Tip: Make sure you have good cell service where you meet.

Open up your backyard or living room and invite some friends, family, or neighbors to participate in a service with you. Choose the service that works for you and send out the invites.
Bonus points: If it’s dark enough and you have the means, set up a projector, and a sheet in your backyard to watch outside.
Tip: if you can’t find a time that works with our services, you can watch “on-demand” through our AppleTV or Roku Apps.

What is the best way to watch services?

This may vary depending on how you are gathering. You can check out http://stream.fs.church for a list of all of our platforms.

If are you are watching from home, we recommend a platform that works on your TV. If you have an AppleTV or Roku, check out the Fountain Springs Church app. If you have a smart TV, open up your YouTube app and search “Fountain Springs Church”!

What should I offer to my guests?

This depends on your comfort level. If you feel like it’s ok to have food and drink or ok to invite your guests to do so, go for it! If not, that’s totally ok too. Please be gracious as we all see things differently.


We have kids services available each weekend for preschool and elementary aged kids. You can find them over at kids.fs.church




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