Our Impact Partners


Our Local Schools

We believe that schools are the epicenter of their neighborhoods, and bring life and future to our community. Fountain Springs Church serves area schools in a number of ways, from providing meals and supplies for school staff teams to lounge makeovers and construction projects for school improvement! We strive to walk with schools and their staff teams, students and families!

SHIFT Garage repairs vehicles for those in need and provides qualified families with reliable transportation.

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Trash Mountain Project

Every day thousands of people – many of them young kids – are living and working in trash dumps around the world. These communities are extremely poor, with high crime rates, and often lack basic necessities like clean water and sanitation.

Trash Mountain Project works with local leaders to implement long-term positive changes for these kids and their families. At FSC, we're partnering with Trash Mountain Project to serve with a local church in Santiago-Isabella, Philippines!

Zambia Project

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The Zambia Project is our partnership with World Vision and a village in Mwamba, Zambia. Many Fountain Springers sponsor kids in Mwamba for $35/month, which helps provide for the whole community. 


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