We believe that God wants to do amazing things in 2021. In the same way the star brought people to Jesus, we believe that he wants us to shine brightly into people's lives. While we all shine individually, we believe that we can shine brightest when we come together! Join us in shining the love of Jesus over the Black Hills and beyond this year!


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Give through our Church Community

The best and most effective way to give online is through CCB. (Church Community Builder)

It is safe, secure and you and your entire family can have their generosity and involvement built into one place!

*** This is our preferred method of giving! 

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Give through PushPay

You can also give online through Pushpay. It is safe, secure as well, however,
we currently are looking to move our mobile and online giving to Church Community Builder (CCB).

*** There's nothing wrong or unsafe with PushPay, we are just wanting to move over to better features; both for our givers and our Church through CCB.

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