COED - Better Together (Murphy)

When Sunday Evening


I am Tabatha—a working momma, community advocate, music enthusiast, book nerd and believer. I love coffee with my oxygen, tacos every day, dance parties with my kids, and helping hurting people find hope again. I lost my first son as a baby and spent many years stuck in the traps and lies of grief—but through Jesus' grace and hope and the power of connection through groups have learned to use that pain to help my family and others find joy again. One of the greatest lessons I have learned in my journey is the power of real connection and community. Life has given all of us difficult trials that leave many scars, but I have found that our decision to be vulnerable and real about our struggles with each other is where we can find the greatest healing. As a recovering perfectionist and relentless people-pleaser, it has been in the connection with others and their real and messy stories with Jesus where I have found freedom. My prayer for all groups is that we learn to live with and love each other with the same grace Jesus gave me. **Childcare is available for a fee ($2/kid per night)


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