WOMEN - Better Together (Keith)

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I am a wife, a mother and a new believer. I love the outdoors hunting and fishing, but I also love to crochet, sew, paint and repurpose furniture…giving things a new life so to speak… kind of what Jesus does for us when we submit, commit and make him our personal savior. I grew up in an alcoholic home that was filled with abuse and chaos. As much as I hated the drinking I married men who were alcoholics. I didn't have a drinking problem it was something more covert and insidious… I struggled with codependency. I was a people-pleaser. I had walked on eggs, dodged punches, covered things up, stuffed my feeling and changed myself to meet others needs…slowly I lost myself. I thought I could love my husband so much that he would change and stop drinking but he didn't. So I divorced him. I was so desperate for my life to make sense. All these years I had worried about everyone else, what they said, what they did, condemning them for their destructive behavior and believing all the while that I did not deserve to be happy and that I was just damaged goods. I got plugged in to AlaNon, I got a sponsor, I worked the 12 steps. I started attending a Women's bible study and prayed. Through my work in AlaNon I started to pursue a relationship with Christ, I accepted my part in all my broken relationships and stopped blaming others. All of the things that happened good or bad I give all the Glory to God cause he did not give up on me and everything was for a purpose. If I wanted to change my situation it would start with Me. Oh and BTW I remarried my husband of 23 years we are celebrating another 7 years together, he works his program and I work mine. God sure is GOOD!

Meets weekly on Sundays at FSC West with Leader Sabrina Henriksen @ 6pm.

**Childcare is available for a fee ($2/kid per night)


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