COED - Better Together (McMacken & Hauptmeier)

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Cecily- I am a single, working mother of 2 teenagers who sometimes struggles with daily life. Despite many trials in my life, Jesus kept me strong and faithful. He always had a plan for my pain, even though it was sometimes hard to see. My faith in Jesus was strengthened several years ago when I was baptized and pledged my life to showing people who Jesus is. In this process of renewal, I learned to love myself and no longer be a slave to fear. My goal is to maintain a healthy spiritual life, focusing on gratitude and positivity. Will you join me?

Christie- I am a mother of two daughters and grandmother of one little grandson. I love spending time with family and friends. I also enjoy being outside - walking, hiking, gardening, quilting, and reading when I'm not working. Through much prayer and support of loved ones, I was finally able to face the reality of the brokenness, rejection, betrayal, and defeat of a very toxic marriage. God has set me free from bondage, healed me, restored me, and shown me His perfect love, faithfulness, provision, and peace. I want to be a part of a group here at Fountain Springs because I want to encourage, give hope, and grow in Christ with my fellow believers.

Meets Sundays at FSCWest with leaders Cecily McMacken and Christie Hauptmeier @ 6:00pm


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