COED - Beautiful Outlaw (Rohrich)

When Wednesday Evening


leader photo He was accused of nearly everything—breaking the law, keeping bad company, heavy drinking and being the devil himself. He was so compelling and dangerous they had to kill him. But those who knew him best loved him passionately. He had a sense of humor; his generosity was scandalous; his anger made enemies tremble; he would say the most outrageous things. And this Jesus has not changed one bit—he is still available to all who would know him.

"To know about somebody is not merely enough. To truly KNOW somebody is to know their character, sense of humor, tone of voice, hear their stories as if you are sitting around a campfire with dear friends. To laugh with them, hurt with them, and grow with them. That is what the series is about. To get to know the MAN Jesus as if he was here today to fall in love with and to be able to understand His heart as fully Man AND fully God." - Cari Rohrich

Meets at the home of leaders Brad & Cari Rohrich @ 6:30pm.

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