COED - Better Together (Culver)

When Sunday Evening


Gabe - I have been through a lot in my life, I was a man of lawlessness, addiction, and I was goalless. Through hardship, and growth in my relationship with Christ I have developed goals and structure. My beautiful wife has always been my strong back when I didn't have one. I believe I have purpose and direction with my relationship with Christ. I am far from perfect and love to be challenged.

Amanda - I have always struggled with self-worth. Abuse, neglect and Co-dependency were the rulers of most of my life. My relationship with the Lord became more real during those hard times. I still struggle with self reliance but I'm also still being led to grace and an always sufficient love that I haven't found anywhere else except in Him. Being a wife, mom and Christ-follower, I want to see the freedom in others lives from any sin, abuse, or other struggles that can only come from knowing Jesus. I've seen what God can do! Making the impossible...possible.

Meets Sundays at FSC West with Leaders Gabe and Amanda Culver @ 6pm.


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